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Czech Music Council

Is one of the national sections of non-government organization Council International of Music UNESCO. It is an integral part of structures fortifying the civic principle of society. The character of its activity corresponds with the aims of UNESCO. On these civic, humanistic and democratic principles Czech Music Council restaured its activity in February 1993 (the Council was founded in 1972 and its situation was therefore limited by the contemporary political system). The Concil revival was not initiated only due to internal needs to study the situation of Czech music culture in the period of the political and economical transformation but also due to the European Music Council which in this period started a trend of the European music live integration. The aims of the organization have been declared in the Statutes of Czech Music Council. Musicologist Prof. PhDr. Ivan Poledňák, DrSc. has been elected in office of the organization President.
The Czech Music Council associates 40 important music institutions, individual members (including the Council presidium) and honorary members. The Czech Music Council follows the tradition of the Council International of Music and since 1994 has been annually awarding exceptional activities across all genres and styles of Czech music culture.
The curent aims of Czech Music Council are to continue in the active cooperation with the government institutions (Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education etc.), on the solution of urgent problems its members encounter in the field of music life, especially as far as legislation, education or ecology are concerned. Within the international network, the Czech Council concentrates on the programs of European Music Council and on the Action Plan for Music of European Music Office.

Contact CMC

Secretary CMC, Theatre Institute,
Celetná 17, 110 00 Praha 1
tel/fax: +420 222 540 809
GSM: +420 603 584 218
mail: lenka.dohnalova@theatre.cz

Members of the Czech Music Council

Academy of Music Arts, Prague, dean Vlastimil Mareš [www, m@il]
Antonín Dvořák Society, president Jarmila Tauerová [m@il]
Association of Music Festivals in CR, dean J. Boháč [www, m@il]
Association of Music Artists and Musicologists, president Jiří Hlaváč [www, m@il]
Association of Non-Professional Chamber and Symphony Bodies, president ing. Jan Sáraz [www, m@il]
Association of the Orchestras and Choirs in CR, president Roman Dietz [www, m@il]
Association of the Professional Choirs in CR m@il]
Art Party (Umělecká Beseda), president Lukáš Matoušek [www, m@il]
Atelier ´90, president Marek Kopelent [www, m@il]
Bohuslav Martinů Society, contact Eva Štrausová [www, m@il]
Camerata Brno, president Jindřiška Bártová [www, m@il]
Conservatory in Brno, director MgA Pavel Maňásek [www, m@il]
Conservatory in Prague, director Pavel Trojan [www, m@il]
Czech Association of Arts Managements, president Zdenka Kachlová [www, m@il]
Czech Choir Association, Mgr. Roman Michálek, Ph.D., secretary [www, m@il]
Czech Music Museum, director Emanuele Gadaleta [www, m@il]
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, gen. director David Mareček [www, m@il, m@il]
Czech Society of J. Haydn [www, m@il]
Czech Musicological Society, president Jarmila Gabrielová [www, m@il]
Czech Radio - Vltava, editor in chief Petr Fischer [www, m@il]
Czech Society for Music Education - Czech Music Society, president Míla Smetáčková [www]
Department of Music Education, Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University Prague, chief of the department Doc. MgA Jana Palkovská [www, m@il]
Department of Musicology, Philosophical Faculty of Palacký University, Olomouc, chief of the department Doc. PhDr. Lenka Křupková, PhD. [www, m@il]
Foundation Czech Music Fund, director Miroslav Drozd [www, m@il]
Frederyk Chopin Society, president Ivan Klánský [m@il]
František Lýsek Fund [m@il]
Hornforum, president prof. Otakar Tvrdý [www, m@il]
NIPOS ARTAMA (Institute of Ministry of Culture), director Mgr. Lenka Lázňovská [www, m@il]
Institute of Ethnology of Academy of Sciences of CR, Department of Music History, cheif of music history department Jarmila Gabrielová [www, m@il]
Institute of Modern Music, president Jaroslav Raušer [www, m@il]
Institute of Musicology, Philosophical Faculty of Charles University, Prague, Jarmila Gabrielová [www, m@il]
Institute of Musicology, Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University, Brno, Petr Macek [www, m@il, m@il]
International Music Festival Moravian Autumn, secretary MgA. Lucie Šnajdrová [www, m@il]
Janáček Academy of Arts, dean Ivo Medek [www, m@il]
Leoš Janáček Foundation [www, m@il]
Music Information Center, director Petr Bakla [www, m@il]
Music Young People, contact Eva Matušková [www, m@il]
Music Views (Hudební rozhledy - journal), editor in chief Hana Jarolímková [m@il]
OSA, Performing and Mechanical Rights Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, president Ing. Roman Strejček [www, m@il]
Popmuseum, Aleš Opekar [www Presence (Přítomnost), president Pavel Trojan [m@il]
Society for Electro-Acoustic Music, president Rudolf Růžička [www, m@il]
Society for Music Ecology, president Jan Stěnička [www, m@il]
Society of Antonín Dvořák, president Markéta Hallová [www, m@il]
Union of Authors and Performers (SAI), president Jiří Vondráček [www, m@il]
Unity of Music Theatre, Prague, president Josef Herman [www, m@il]
Z. Fibich Society, president PhDr. Věra Šustíková [www, m@il]

Honorary Members

PhD. Amy Lynn Barber (USA, percussionist)
Jiří Bělohlávek (conductor)
Petr Eben (composer) [www]
Jan Hanus (composer, + 30.7.2004) [www]
prof. Karel Husa (USA, composer) [www]
prof. PhDr.Ivan Polednák, DrSc. (musicologist)
Klement Slavický (composer,+1999) [www]
Martin Turnovský (conductor)

Actual Presidium (since 2016)

Presidium is elected for a period of 4 years ( for two periods in maximum).
Mgr. Jaromír Javůrek - president [m@il]
Stanislav Barek [m@il]
Bc. Roman Dietz [m@il]
Mgr. Ladislav Horák [m@il]
PhDr. Radka Hrdinová [m@il]
PhDr. Olga Janáčková [m@il]
Ing. Ondřej Matyáš [m@il]
PaeDr. Jan Prchal [m@il]
Mgr. Jaroslav Raušer [m@il]
Ing. Jan Saráz [m@il]
Prof. PhDr. Jan Vičar, CSc. [m@il]

Control comitee

David Danel [m@il]
MgA. Andreas Kroeper, Ph.D. [m@il]
Jakub Nový [m@il]


PhDr. Lenka Dohnalová, Ph.D. [www]

Presidium - Short History

Presidium is elected for a period of 4 years ( for two periods in maximum).
Mgr. Jaromír Javůrek - president [m@il]
Stanislav Barek [m@il]
Bc. Roman Dietz [m@il]
Mgr. Ladislav Horák [m@il]
PhDr. Radka Hrdinová [m@il]
PhDr. Olga Janáčková [m@il]
Ing. Ondřej Matyáš [m@il]
PaeDr. Jan Prchal [m@il]
Mgr. Jaroslav Raušer [m@il]
Ing. Jan Saráz [m@il]
Prof. PhDr. Jan Vičar, CSc. [m@il]

Control comitee

Mgr. Aleš Chalupský [m@il]
MgA. Andreas Kroeper, Ph.D. [m@il]


PhDr. Lenka Dohnalová, Ph.D. [www]

Lukáš Hurník, PhD., president [m@il]
Martin Turnovský, vicepresident
MgA. Pavel Trojan, vicepresident [m@il]
Prof. Jiří Hlaváč [m@il]
PhDr. Olga Janáčková [m@il]
Cyril Jeníček [m@il]
PhDr. Petr Macek, Ph.D. [m@il]
Prof. Ing. Ivo Medek, Ph.D. [m@il]
PhDr. Olga Mojžíšová [m@il]
Ing. Jan Saráz [m@il]
Mgr. Richard Sporka [m@il]
PhDr. Ilja Smid [m@il]
Prof. PhDr. Jan Vičar, CSc. [m@il]

Control comitee

Ing. Vladimír Bako [m@il]
Mgr. Aleš Chalupský [m@il]
MgA. Andreas Kröper, Ph.D. 


PhDr. Lenka Dohnalová, Ph.D. [www]

Lukáš Hurník, PhD., president [m@il]
Martin Turnovský, vicepresident
MgA. Pavel Trojan, vicepresident [m@il]
Prof. Jiří Hlaváč [m@il]
PhDr. Olga Janáčková [m@il]
PhDr. Petr Macek, Ph.D. [m@il]
PhDr. Olga Mojžíšová [m@il]
PhDr. Ilja Smid [m@il]
Prof. PhDr. Jan Vičar, CSc. [m@il]

Control comitee

Mgr. Petr Hanousek [m@il]
MgA. Andreas Kröper, Ph.D. 
Doc. Alena Vlasáková [m@il]


PhDr. Lenka Dohnalová, Ph.D. [www]

Lukáš Hurník, president [m@il]
Martin Turnovský, vicepresident
MgA. Pavel Trojan, vicepresident [m@il]
Jaromír Boháč [m@il]
Prof. Jiří Hlaváč [m@il]
Prof. Marek Kopelent [m@il]
PhDr. Petr Macek, Ph.D. [m@il]
PhDr. Olga Mojžíšová [m@il]
PhDr. Ilja Smid [m@il]

Control comitee:

PhDr. Olga Janáčková [m@il]
Doc. Alena Vlasáková [m@il]


PhDr. Lenka Dohnalová, Ph.D. [www]

Doc. PhDr. Ivan Poledňák, DrSc., president
Doc. PhDr. Jiří Fukač, CSc., vicepresident
Jan Klusák, vicepresident
PhDr. Jitka Bajgarová, CSc. (1994-97 member of Bureau of European Music Council)
Prof. Petr Eben
Prof. Marek Kopelent [www]
PhDr. Milan Slavický [www]

Control comitee

JUDr. Pavel Eckstein
PhDr. Mikuláš Bek
PhDr. Boris Kobrle

The presidium was confirmed and there were co-opted following members:
Doc. PaeDr. Jaroslav Herden, CSc.
PhDr. Vojtěch Mojžíš
Míla Smetáčková
Prof. Ivan Štraus
PhDr. Stanislav Tesař
Doc. PhDr. Jan Vičar, CSc.
Mojmír Weimann
In this period P. Eben, M. Kopelent, M. Slavický, M. Weimann resigned, Doc. PaedDr. Jaroslav Herden, CSc. (pedagogue) was co-opted.

New members:
Antonín Matzner
Ing. Ivo Medek, Ph.D.
PhDr. Miroslav Pudlák, CSc.

František Maxián, president
PhDr. Jitka Bajgarová, CSc., vicepresident
PhDr. Markéta Hallová
Mgr. Jaromír Javůrek
Prof. Marek Kopelent [www]
Luboš Malý
Antonín Matzner
Ing. Ivo Medek, Ph.D.
PhDr. Miroslav Pudlák, CSc.
Jan Šmolík
Prof. PhDr. Bohuš Zoubek

Control comitee

Doc. PhDr. Alena Burešová, CSc.
PhDr. Olga Janáčková
PhDr. Eva Ocisková

František Maxián, president
Mgr. Pavel Trojan, vicepresident
PhDr. Olga Mojžíšová, vicepresident
Jaromír Boháč
Rostislav Černý
Prof. Marek Kopelent [www]
RNDr. Jan Králík
Ing. Ivo Medek, Ph.D. [www]
PhDr. Miroslav Pudlák, CSc., [www]
Jan Šmolík
Bohuslav Zoubek

Control comitee:

PhDr. Olga Janáčková
PhDr. Zuzana Kolláthová
PhDr. Eva Ocisková

Honorary Awards

1994 - Agon (artist group for contemporary music), Amy Lynn Barber (percussionist), Festival Musica Iudaica, Zdeněk Kosler (coductor).
1995 - Jozef Bednárik (producer), DAMA DAMA (percussion group), Klement. Slavický (composer), Jan Hanus (composer, + 30.7.2004).
1996 - Sir. Charles Mackerras (conductor), Pavel Jurkovic (pedagogue), Milan Kuna (musicologist), Emil Viklický (jazzman, performer), Marek Kopelent (composer).
1997 - Ladislav Daniel (pedagogue), Rudolf Pecman (musicologist), Spirituál kvintet (folk group), Jiří Stárek (conductor)
1998 - Iva Bittová (performer), Josef Brozek (pedagogue), Prague Student Orchestra, Stamic Quartet, Antonín Tucapský (conductor and composer).
1999 - Eva Drlíková (musicologist), Zbyněk Matějů (composer), Jan Prchal (schoolmaster), Jiří Stivín (performer, composer), Studio Matouš (publishing agency).
2000 - Jiří Bělohlávek (conductor), Jiří Kout (conductor), ensemble Due Boemi di Praga, F. Kovarícek (composer, teacher, head of Jeuneusses Musicales in CR), Michael Beckerman (U.S.A., musicologist)
2001 - David Pountney (GB, opera producer), David Radok (opera producer), Wolfgang Mastnak (Germany, pedagogist).
2002 - Jiří Beneš (viola-player, dramaturgist, Jana Bousková (CR, harpist), Antonín Kubálek (Canada/CR, pianist).
2003 - Ivo Stolarík (publicist), John Tyrrell (GB, musicologist), Jaroslav Krček (composer)
2004 - Ivan Moravec (pianist), Zdeněk Mácal (conductor)
2005 - Graham Melville-Mason (musicologist, GB) and Pavel Klikar (multiinstrumentalist, musicologist, pedagoguge) 2006 - Míla Smetáčková (organiser)
2007 - Prof. Zuzana Růžičková (cembalist), Talent (o.s. and magazine)
2008 - PhDr. Miloš Pokora (musicologist), Daniel Wiesner (pianist)
2009 – Collegium Marianum, Berg Orchestra
2010- Blanka Kulínská, choirmaster
2012 – Collegium 1704, Amos Editio
2013 – Czech Culture Festivities, festival
2014 – Serge Baudo, conductor
2015 - Forfest, international art festival
2016 - Jiří Jirmal (guitarist, pedagogue, composer) and Patrick Devine (Ireland, organist and musicologist)
2017 - Eva Šeinerová (choirmaster at Permoník)


Musica nova-international competition in electroacoustic music.
Participation Programme with UNESCO- 1999-2000, Further Education of Teachers of Music Education (haeded by Pedagogical Faculty, prof. J. Herden).

Conferences and Seminars

Organized by CMC
1993 - June 15th, Prague: Colloquy about Middle and High Music Educational System, organized with Office of President of Republic.
Organized with Office of President of Republic. 1993 - October 7. - 8., Brno: Music and State, international conference organized with EMC. Contributions: J. Bajgarová, L. Dohnalová, J. Fukac, A. Matzner, I. Polednák, S. Tesar.
1996 - October 4-6th, Brno: Music as Value, organized with EMC. Contributions: J. Bajgarová, L. Dohnalová, J. Fukac, I. Polednák.
1997 - July 17-19th Ceské Budejovice: Influence of Music and Sound to the Human Being, international interdisciplinary conference, organized with Foundation for the Haydn European Cultural Centre and Open Society Fund. Contribution: L. Dohnalová..
1997 - November 21-23th, Circulation of Music and Musicians in 1700-1900, international conference, organized with Institute of Musicology Prague and Philosophical Faculty in Olomouc. Contribution: J. Vicar.
2000 - October 13th - Seminar for music civil associations.
2005 - November 1-2nd, Prague: conference Improvisation in Music and Multi-genre Concert of Improvising Music. Organised in cooperation with Prague Conservatory and Academies of Arts in Brno and Prague.
2006 - December 1-2nd, Prague: conference Role of Baroque keyboard literature in creative education. Organised in ccoperation with Prague Conservatory.
2007 - May 4th, Prague: conference Music and Word, organised in cooperation with Prague Conservatory.

Publishing Acitivities

1993 - Colloquy about Middle and High Musical Educational System (published in Czech - Kolokvium o stredním a vysokém hudebním skolství).
1993 - Proceedings of the conference Music and State (published in German language - Musik und Staat).
1996 - Proceedings of the conference Music as Value (published in German language - Musik als Wer und ihre Rolle im Prozess der europäischen Integration)
1997 - Ecological Problems of Sound Environment and Music (in Czech - K problematice ekologie zvukového prostredí a hudby), published in cooperation with University of J. E. Purkyně in Ústí n. Labem.
Information bulletins.
from 1999 - actualities on web. site
2005 - Czech Music 2004, proceedings of Janáckiána conference.
2005 - Improvisation in Music, proceedings of the conference. 2006 - Music Education in CR at the beginning of 21th Century, proceeding of Janáčkiána conference.


Further Education of Teachers of Music Education - A Way to Develop Musical Abilities of Childern and Young People. Leader of the projekt: Prof. PaeDr. Jaroslav Herden, CSc.
The projects was apply to CIM-UNESCO.

Meetings of IMC with participation of Czech delegate

1993 - September, 20-26th, Alicante (I. Poledňák), report in: Hudební věda N. 2/1994
1999 - September, 21-27th, Petra (L. Dohnalová), joint topic: Creativity and Inovation in Tomorrow´s Music, report in: Hudební rozhledy N. 11/1999, Opus musicum N.1/2000.

Meetings of EMC with participation of Czech delegate

1994 - October, Bratislava, complementary topic: pedagogical conference (J. Bajgarová)
1995 - May, Program 2 000, contribution of CMC to the topic of ecology in European Music Charter (J. Bajgarová)
1995 - July, Falun, complementary topic: Conference about Culture values (J. Bajgarová, contribution: I. Poledňák)
1996 - July, Copenhagen (J. Bajgarová).
1998 - November, 20-22nd, Vienna (I. Poledňák), Music for Europe, Programme Culture 2000, report in: Hudební rozhledy N1/1999
2000 - September, 9nd, Bonn (L. Dohnalová), Music Information in the Internet
2002 - September, 13-15th, Brussell (J. Javůrek - nominated by CMC to the EMC board as candidate), Music for Europe - Young Generation. 2003 - November, 29-30th, Bonn (J.Javůrek).
2004 - October, 22-24th, Hague (I.Medek).
2005 - April, 22-24th, Budapest (L. Dohnalová).
2006 - April, 20-23th, Malmo (L. Dohnalová)
2007 - April, 19-21st, Barcelona (L. Dohnalová)

Meetings of CMC

1993 - February, reform of activity of CMC in the new political context
1994 - March
1995 - December
1996 - January, topic: legal problems of executive committee of Czech Music Fund.
Co-optation of Mr. J. Herden to Presidium, abdication of Mr. P. Eben, M.Slavický, M.Weimann and M. Kopelent.
1997 - December: elections.
2000 - Februar, elections
2002 - March, elections
2004 - April, elections
2005 - April
2006 - April, elections

Participation in other conferences, seminars or meetings

1993 - Strasbourg, Meeting of European Music Conference (I. Poledňák)
1993 - April, 26-28th, Bratislava, Meeting of Music Councils of Visegrad group (J. Bajgarová)
1993 - November, 21-27th, Dolní Krupá, Seminar about the Management of Non-profit Organisations.
1995 - April, 23-26th, Insbruck, Music Our Chance (M. Smetáčková).
1995 - January, Cannes, MIDEM, topic: problems of legislative of copyright (J. Bajgarová, J. Klusák)
1997 - July, 3-5th, Barcelona, Conference about the Music Education and Musical Schools (contribution: L. Daniel, delegate of CMC)
1998 - June - July, 29-5th, Vienna, Festival Elektrokomplex (contribution L. Dohnalová), report in Hudební věda N. 4/1998.
1998 - July, 18-28th, Prétoria, Congress of ISME (contributions: M. Smetácková, P. Jurkovič, topic: about czech education systhem and methodology), report in: Lidové noviny 1. 8. 1998.
2000 - October, 27-30th, Budapest, Musica Danubiana (organized by EMC).
2003 - November, 29-30th, Bonn, conference Influence of Amateur Music on the Society (J. Javůrek)
2004 - October, 22-24th, Hague, conference Improvisation in Music (I. Medek)

Political Activities

1994 - Memorandum, To some questions of music culture.
1996 - Memorandum, To the situation of Czech music culture, general topic: music education, ecology.
1998 - Mars, Conception of conditions for development of culture, commentary to the first version of ministry material of culture policy
1998 - August, General line of culture policy, commentary to the second version of ministry working material.
1999 - February, Discussion to the final version of ministry material to the conception of culture policy.
2001 - Problems of music education in the system of basic, middle and high schools and art schools.
2001-2002 - Description of music education system, history, methodology (elaborated by L. Dohnalová for IMC/UNESCO).
2002 - Questionnaire for IMC (subject of globalisation, elaborated by Dohnalová) Commentary to the program of Ministry of Culture: Strategy of Culture Politics Lobbying to the education law in the parliament
2003 - Commentary to the General program of music education for Ministry of Culture
2004 - Questionnaire about music live for NMZ (elaborated by Dohnalová in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Music Information Center) Commentary to the culture program of Ministry of Culture
2005 - Commentary to the governmental regulation to the Prizes of Ministry of Culture. 2006 - Commentary to the governmental conception of Culture Policy.
2006 - Commentary to the govermental Conception for More Effective Support of Arts during 2007-13.

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